Kanuka Simpson

Who are you?

That depends on how you define a person, but here are some ways to define me:  

- Passionate about Photovoltaic (almost as much as this work)

- Father of four

- Actively engage to save the environment

- Read only science fiction (or non-fiction)

- Love films: both making and watching

- Enjoy puzzles and board games

- Have done most water sports

For any other definitions, use the contact form below!

Why do you do what you do?

I met a woman in France who was sick of her life. She didn't like her job, her parents were constantly on her case about getting a boyfriend, she had little uplifting social life... 

Her sister in New Caledonia had offered her a room in her apartment and had a job lined up for her, but she hadn't gone. When I asked her why not, she gave me a whole lot of excuses. However, the reason, was that she was afraid to move outside her comfort zone. 

Her (unconscious) decision to stay in her unhappy life opened my eyes to the fact there are many people who stay stuck in a life they aren't happy about, without doing what they want to do, because, for whatever reason, they don't take action. As a long-time action-taker, I decided to do something about it... 

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